Building Your Online Presence And Getting Ahead Of The Competition

When you notice that your customers spending has gone down and you really need to defend your position then there are certain steps you should take to stay ahead of the competition. One of the best ways to counteract your dwindling sales is to get yourself a good website. Not just the standard “About Us” Page and the “Contact Us” page but a comprehensive, well-designed site. Today, having a strong online presence is no longer optional, it is a necessity. Most customers are likely to first make contact with you online before they decide on whether to get a service or product from you or not.

Here are some pointers by an seo manchester and web design professional you should follow when getting yourself a good website that will help boost your online presence.


Your homepage should be sleek, modern, engaging and inviting. A good video, branded imaging or a compelling intro will ensure that viewers don’t flee your site the moment they open it. Your homepage should also be well optimized to ensure that your website ranks well in search engines.

Comprehensive pages

When customers find your website, they need to be convinced about the legitimacy of your products and services. This means your website has to offer the information they need. Your web design has to ensure that they can get to this information easily without clicking through numerous links.

Integrated social media

Buttons to invite viewers to follow you on your social media pages can help increase your online presence. Today social media has become a powerful advertisement tool and most customers are likely to find you through social media as compared to standard search engines.

Update your content

To help ensure that your site ranks well on search engines, you can start a blog that you can update regularly. Search engines love new content and are likely to put your website on top when it is regularly updated.

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